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Shaftguard Water Lubricated Composite Rubber Bearings

A completely new type of bearing invented and developed by professor Wang Jiaxu of Chongqing University, and manufactured by Jiading Industry Inc. is now presented to our users. It has the advantages of : vibration damping, noise decreasing, high efficiency, energy saving, wear resisting, pollution free, structure of shafting optimized and operation life of equipment extended. Compared with traditional hard-surfaced ones, this slotted BTG™ water lubricated composite rubber bearing possesses an operation life over 10 times longer. It can be immerged with any kind of waters and operated perfectly in nearly all chemical and petroleum products. Its normal loading capacity reaches 0.035-0.05 kg/mm square within a range of opeartion temperature of -20 degree celsius ~ +86 degree celsius. Due to the continuous liquid flowing through the slots of bearing, vibration is greatly decreased. Its water flow rate is 7.8L/diameter 25mm/minute, while the corresponding friction coefficient is 0.01-0.02. Its maximum operation speed is over 40m/sec., and minimum operation speed is about 0.05m/sec. So it can be widely used onboard of ships and in other industrial equipment which require large toughness.

Shaftguard Water Lubricated Composite

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